Our Mission & History

Everything began in 2016 when I wanted to reduce number of tiring and repeating tasks in my everyday work, so I've started after hours project on a few of currently available features. At this stage I didn't plan to make them public, however at some point I've noticed that those tools are very powerful and might be helpful for everyone, so I've decided to share it with You, to make your work easier and more productive. This is why most of the essential features are FREE! However after adding tens of features those tools became very big and complex, this is the reason why few useful features are available only in premium version, so we can still work on our project and extend our team to provide you with even better solutions. List of future milestones is HUGE, like: support of other databases(oracle, sqlite...) and EF core.

I always wanted to create something affordable for everyone not only for companies, because as a contractor most of the solutions on the market were too expensive for me. This is why those tools costs only 9€, there is NO additional monthly or yearly fee, so if you find our tools helpful or you want to support us you can easily buy premium version. You will immediately notice how much faster you can work with Visual Studio and database.

I'm using those tools in many projects for at least 10 months right now(2018) even though it is still before first release and I can't imagine work without them! I hope that implementation of new features will proceed even faster because I would like to extend our team of passionate developers!

Thank you for support and please give us your feedback, so we can make your work faster and more enjoyable.

Best regards

Contact Us

We don't have 24h support, so please be patient, we will try to answer all your questions as soon as possible. However it would be amazing if you could contact us only in very urgent and important issues, because we would like to focus on development as much as possible.

If you would like to propose a feature or report a bug please use Community page, which will be constantly reviewd.

Because we want to focus on development we might not respond to questions from NOT registered users.

To contact us, please use one of following email addresses: