Mission & History

Everything began in 2016 when I wanted to reduce number of tiring and repeating tasks in my everyday work, so I've started after hours project on a few of currently available features. At this stage I didn't plan to make them public, however at some point I've noticed that those tools are very powerful and might be helpful for everyone, so I've decided to share it with You, to make your work easier and more productive. This is why all those features are completely FREE! However after adding tens of features those tools became very big and complex, this is why it would be AMAZING, if you could help me and donate this product. So I can still work on this project. My dream is to extend this team of myself :) with another developers to provide you with even better solutions. List of future milestones is HUGE, like: support of other databases(oracle, sqlite...) and EF core(done! in version 1.3).

I'm using those tools in many projects for at least 10 months right now(2018) even though it is still before first release and I can't imagine work without them! This way I'm noticing all the time new areas of improvemnt and I hope that implementation of new features will proceed even faster in the future, maybe with someone help.

Thank you for your support and please give me your feedback, so I can make your work faster and more enjoyable.

Best regards

Contact Us

Unfortunately, I don't have time for full time support and emails, because I prefer focusing on development as much as possible. This is why those tools are provided 'as it is', but I will try to constantly maintain this project by implementing fixes and new features.

If you would like to propose a feature or report a bug please use Community page, which will be constantly reviewd.

In case you would like to communicate, please send a message below: