Netverest Tools

Currently this is not a separate application(but we are working on it!)
You can install this extension using 'Extensions and Updates' in Visual Studio.
For more accurate description please visit Get Started

DataGenerator (beta version)

Below you can download, which contains all required files. Please unpack this folder and open DataGenerator.exe
This folder contains also empty database file(DataGenerator.db), so if you've already used this app then it might be good to copy this file from previous version.

Please remember that this is still beta version, we will be greatful if you could report all bugs on our community page

  • .Net 4.6.2
  • Sql server 2008+ without profiling, profiling work from 2012
  • Good to have admin privillages(it is still beta)
  • You have to be registerd or premium user
  • Data generation is not using transactions, in case of any error you will finish with inconsistent data
  • Profiling and recording require very high privilages, it has to create files on disk from SQL Server. It is better to do it locally.